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I have been living in the San Francisco bay area since 2012. Before that, I lived 5 years in Seattle, WA. I have a work permit for the US, so if you have a project you would like to talk to me about, I am all ears.


I am a software engineer with strong Internet skills. I had been working in web agencies for almost as long as my earliest work experience, back in 1998, all the way to 2013.

I have run my own company for 10 years, until 2013. At this time, I am enjoying sharing my experience in various WebMarketing departments, currently at Splunk.

Fluent in PHP, XHTML/CSS, French, English.



It is the most prominent skill I acquired. I started in 2001 with 4.0.0 and made my way to the most recent version. I built Frameworks when none existed, and know the language from top to bottom. SQL is a natural complement. I built multilingual websites, which happened to be my preferred assignments.


I have been building websites for 16 years, and struggled with Netscape 4. IE6 was a relief, if you can only imagine.


I know my way around Linux (Debian/Gentoo/RedHat) and am still running half a dozen as of today. I know some PERL, *sh, and first started programming with C.

Project management

My desktop is filled with Eclipse, Subversion, 1Password, running on Mac, Windows and Ubuntu. The rest is kept secret, but you can ask.



About me

It's relatively easy to trace me on the Internet, nickname is hallucinant (.com, Twitter, Facebook, etc...) Having been my own boss for most of my career, what you can find out there is either personal or can reflect my company's statements.

I am a French citizen, born and raised in Paris. I do practice soccer, and have been practicing Badminton for some years.

My interests lie in languages and cultural discoveries, so if you happen to work in such an environment, give me a call, we can work something out.